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Infromation for visitors

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here you will find information about participation terms and conditions. You can also fill out application forms for physical or virtual participation in the exhibition.

You can order the following service for the duration of the exhibition:

Internet connection of the exhibition booth via a high-speed channel. It includes the cable supply (the place of mounting is discussed with the customer beforehand).

The customer receives a reference book describing how to set up the computer for the internet connection.

The customer can ask for a special connection e.g. the channel with the desired throughput, external IP-addresses supply.

Service description

  • Connection of the exhibition booth to the Exhibition Centre LAN via a high-speed channel 250 USD
  • Services of a specialist for the customer s equipment setup 25 USD per hour
  • Exhibition booth internal network organization 30 USD per port
  • Network adapter rent 20 USD
  • PCMCIA network adapter rent 40 USD

All the taxes are included.
The service must be ordered not later than 7 days before the exhibition opening

Telephone: (+7 095) 995-0591
e-mail: [email protected]

For visitors

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